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SEO Strategist & Digital Marketer helping brands tell their story

Holly Miller Anderson is a digital marketing professional.

Professional Snapshot

Holly Miller Anderson is an experienced SEO and marketing strategist.  Her background as a visual and written storyteller stems from her involvement in broadcast journalism and film production while attending undergrad at Chapman University in Orange, CA at the Dodge College of FTV. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations/Advertising. Her early professional days were a mix of working at a promotional toy & ideation company called JMP Creative, an Irvine-based local search directory called Local.com (LOCM) and arthouse film studio, Focus Features. 

In 2012, she relocated to the Los Angeles area for personal and professional reasons; at the time, Holly’s primary hobby was competitive ballroom dancing in the International Standard style of ballroom dance. By day she was an SEO account manager at a search marketing agency. By night, she met up regularly with her competitive partner to train and receive coaching at the Westmor Dance Studio. Today, the ballroom is owned by her former coaches.

There’s no easy transition sentence that follows and, frankly, there wasn’t one in Holly’s life at the time either. She was forced to leave ballroom and Southern California behind for a new job opportunity that relocated her to the Bay Area.

The good news is, her time in San Francisco was filled with many wonderful new friends and experiences. She began as an enterprise consultant with Berlin based SEO platform start-up Searchmetrics, and eventually transitioned to the marketing team to lead brand awareness through B2B events and build out SEO as a marketing channel. Holly then got an opportunity to join Macy’s Tech as an SEO Product Manager for macys.com and bloomingdales.com. She oversaw a team of developers that launched SEO-related features. Separately, she was assigned to shepherd the relaunch of a branded, user generated content (UGC) campaign on the retailer’s homepage called #MacysLove.

Many things changed in 2020. For Holly it meant coming to the realization that the pandemic would probably last longer than what was in her savings account at the time. She and her newlywed husband made the difficult decision to leave California but, they were able to relocate close to family that was living in Louisville, Kentucky.

Currently, she is an SEO Manager for Sears Home Services overseeing SEO growth for the e-commerce site, SearsPartsDirect.com.

TL; DR 🙂 Holly has over a decade of broad, digital marketing experience that includes marketing films, live event management overseeing corporate trade show logistics as well as in-house experience at an agency and enterprise consulting. She has made a career advising marketers on their SEO strategy helping them develop and deploy a strategic and tactical roadmap that’s sustainable and delivers growth.

She is married to a chef and Chicago native, Glenn Anderson. Her parents were both medical professionals which has manifested into Holly taking pride in understanding how things work and how to fix them to make it better (namely websites). She is continuously seeking out quality information, sharing her knowledge, and applying it to improve her client’s website health and helping their holistic marketing channel activities function at an optimal level.

Holly is on the Board of Directors for the Bay Area Search, an SEO meetup group based in San Francisco where SEOs from the top tech companies come together to share their ideas. During the pandemic, all SEO meetups switched to virtual meetups, and she takes great pride in continuing to craft quality content for the community of online members.

Follow Holly Miller Anderson on Twitter at @millertime_baby

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