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A Little Known Way To Remain Relevant In Email Marketing

I thought this was a great and rather unique example of email marketing that aims to re-calibrate the level of engagement. Essentially proactively saying to the customer, “we noticed you may need less communication…how can we adjust the frequency of our communication so you don’t unsubscribe completely?”

Reading that type of Subject line, I thought, Ok, I’ll bite. I’ve been away from my personal inbox a bit more lately actively engaging in the physical world. And also trying to be diligent about saving a bit of cash not buying every new Reebok shoe that comes on the market.

This email has a great approach because it taps into why I connect with the Spartan brand. It reminded me of the mindset of never giving up. And the fact that they noticed I haven’t been clicking through to the website (clearly a diligent marketer leveraging their ESP data). We, the brand, respect your training time and mental capacity so let’s actively provide you with a way to adjust the frequency of emails accordingly. I love how they use the illustration of buckets as a CTA to continue to engage with the brand at my own pace.

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All this to say, Marketers,

  • How can you show your non-engaged consumers that you notice their behavior and want to tailor your communication to their needs?
  • How can you best ask them how they want to be communicated to or how can they easily recalibrate how frequently they hear from you?

Making these types of adjustments may just maintain your email subscribers in the long run and prevent churn and a spike in your unsubscribe numbers whenever an email is sent out.

This post reflects my personal opinion and not those of my employer.

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